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Bengkel Nokia DX3100 - Part 1

Place : Langkawi Room, Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort,Kuala Lumpur
Date/Time : 18 Dis.2010 / 8.30am - 5.00pm
Instructor : Nikon Centre by Mr Kavid

Session 1: Introduction

Nikon D-SLR Line up  - FX vs DX
Format model
FX - 24 x 32 mm (smaller) sensor size
      - big sensor, can capture big landscape
      - high iso capability
      - no crop factor
DX - 16 x 24 mm
      - smaller body & lens
      - 1.5 crop factor, means 18 x 1.5 = 27mm (70 degree)
         if, 20mm x 1.5 = 30mm (narrow)

SLR - Single Lens Reflex

Durable shutter units
100,000 - cycle
shutter from 1/4000 sec to 30 sec
Flash sync 1/200 sec


Active D-Lighting - create appropriately exposed picture with natural contrast, while compesating for   
                              highlight & shadow
Auto option - automatically selects an appropriate level according to scene condition

Low contrast - image  ;midtone
High contrast - Black & white

The viewfinder
- focus points can be change or even group
- focus is confirmed with a beep sound or when " Focus  confirmation"
- Pre-focusing is done by pressing the shutter release button halfway

"Focus"= getting subject sharp

Shooting with DSLR
3 elements
- aperture
- shutter

Setting exposure helps achieve the desired brightness & adjustment of light by changing the combination of shutter speed & aperture

Depth of field - become an important factor in creating the final outcomes of an image
> Large the aperture ring open - less dof
> smaller the aperture ring open - more dof

Aperture - F number
Zoom lens (18mm) F3.5/f22 variable aperture
                 (55mm) F5.6/f36 ; opening aperture small,shutter speed longer
                     (more light)

Shutter speed - control to freeze the subject
F22,1/25 sec - car movement
F22,5 sec - waterfall
f2.8,1/2000 sec - freeze the kid play skateboard

Slow shutter speed exposure are use to enhence motion

Fast shutter speed is used to freeze motion
shutter speed are also used to eliminate moving subject under ISO light condition

ISO sensitivity >>>how sensitive the sensor to the light
ISO 100 to 320 (expendiable tpo 12800)
clear image even at high ISO
capture the natural ambience
convenience for shooting sports
allow fast shutter speed to freeze action

When to change ISO?

- Low ISO option ; low iso speed allow you to shoot still subject under any lighting condition with the
                              fine image detail
- Long Shutter speed ; high ISO option (indoor) - under low light condition allow you to capture
                                   movement without aid of flash

Our shoot....amatur siot hihihi.

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