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New Look's for my Blog???

Hajatnya mahu memberi posisi yang sedikit kelainan bagi paparan blogku..antara laman web yang menarik perhatian;

Namun, setelah hampir tamat waktu rehatku keputusan masih ada yang berkenan..aduh gayat kan..
Bila hati telah pada yang satu..walaubagaimana pun rupa asal tetap sukar untuk dibuang..

So,akhirnya tekadku belum kesampaian untuk memberi corak baru buat paparan template u ini..layan sahaja my viewer...

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas sebab dia sayang Malaysia

From my Mailbox,share with me;
Fw: Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas sebab dia sayang Malaysia
FROM:Norcahaya Abdullah ; Message flagged Thursday, May 26, 2011 10:08 AM

Saudara Saudara ku di Gebeng , Kuantan , Pahang dan seluruh Malaysia , please spread the videos below to everybody in Malaysia. STOP LYNAS and THE TRAITORS WHO APPROVED IT !!!!! . Thanks .

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_mnQEIbDGA -- > Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas sebab dia sayang Malaysia

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150214849304873&oid=161744093886991&comments -- > Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas sebab dia sayang Malaysia

Shared Videos

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Good one!

Just to share…J
Skill - 15%
Positive Attitude - 85%
ﻪﺘﺎﻜﺮﺒﻮﷲﺍﺔﻤﺤﺭﻮﻡﻜﻴﻠﻋﻢﻼﺴﻠﺍ / Salam Sejahtera


FROM:Norcahaya Abdullah ; Message flagged Wednesday, May 11, 2011 3:39 PM

Something worth to share …….


  1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them'
  2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
  3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.
  4. Enjoy the simple things.
  5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
  6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
  7. Surround yourself with what you love , whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
  8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
  9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.
  10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
We all need to live life to its fullest each day!!
Worry about nothing, pray about everything!!!


FROM:Norcahaya Abdullah ; Message flagged Friday, May 6, 2011 8:28 AM

Kita mungkin pernah terdengar cerita tentang pakar saraf otak yg menyatakan bahawa ketika sujud beberapa urat saraf akan diperbaiki, saya ingin membetulkan sedikit fakta tersebut. Sebenarnya bukan beberapa urat saraf sahaja tetapi seluruh bahagian depan otak iaitu prefrontal cortex (PFC), bahagian ini merupakan "decision maker" bg manusia utk merancang, berfikir dgn waras, rational, kreativiti, future planning, critical thinking dan byk lagi sifat yg membezakan manusia dan haiwan.

Manusia makin lari dr sifat kemanusiaan kerana PFCnya makin lama makin lemah, seperti otot yg lama tidak digunakan. Manusia yg selalu didlm stress atau apa2 sahaja sifat2 negatif termasuklah cemburu, hasad, pemarah dan macam2 lagi sebenarnya lebih byk menggunakan "reflect brain" (bahagian belakang yg primitif) dr the "thinking brain". Ini desebabkan oleh hormon andrenalin yg dikeluarkan ketika stress/takut. Hormon andrenalin juga menyebabkan darah kebahagian depan (thinking brain) berkurangan kerana fisiolagi manusia ketika stress/takut, harus lebih bersedia untuk bertindak pantas tanpa perlu berfikir panjang samada untuk lari atau lawan (seperti haiwan).

Jadi bila selalu sgt stress dan PFC menjadi lemah, kebanyakan manusia yg menyatakan mereka berfikir sebenarnya adalah diragukan, mereka sebenarnya lebih menggunakan memori atau pun reflect brain menyebabkan hidup dalam keadaan yg sama, mengulang kesalahan yg sama atau pun membuat tindakan yg penuh kesalan dikemudian hari.

Apa yg didedahkan oleh saintis UM seperti yg lapurkan diakhbar2 baru ini , terutamanya bab membawa ketenangan adalah kerana bila manusia lebih tenang, tiada hormon andrenalin yg sebelum ini mengecilkan salur darah ke PFC menyebabkan perjalanan darah ke PFC lebih lancar dan juga perbuatan sujud itu sendiri seolah2 memaksa darah kembali ke PFC dan secara langsung merawatnya. Tindakan fokus/khusyuk dlm sembahyang juga terbukti merawat PFC seperti dibuktikan oleh pakar meditasi barat yg menbuat kajianperanan meditasi dan PFC.

Sebab itu sembahyang yg diterima adalah sembahyang yg khusuk, bukan sembahyang yg fikiran melayang kearah duniawi, dan dalam keadaan sujud ini jugalah ketika PFC rapat kebumi manusia amat hampir kepada Allah

Surah Al Alaq 96:19 Day, heed him not: But bow down in adoration, and bring thyself the closer to Allah.!

Yg menarik mengenai otak lagi, bahagian yg menipu terletak diatas sedikit dr PFC iaitu ubun2/forelock seperti yg tertulis juga didlm surah Al-Alaq 96 :

15 Let him beware! If he desist not, We will drag him by the forelock,-
16 A lying, sinful forelock!

Bahagian otak di ubun2 ini digelar "cingulate guru" yg mana jika "overactive" akan menyebabkan manusia selalu mudah berfikir benda2 yg negatif yg juga menyebabkan manusia cenderung menipu. Ini boleh diperbaiki dgn menenangkan fikiran seperti bila kita sembahyang dgn tenang dan penuh kesyukuran, bukan sembahyang dgn terpaksa atau tidak ikhlas bukan kerana Allah.

Definasi lain untuk insanity/kegilaan adalah: Doing or thinking the same thing but expecting different result / Bertindak atau berfikir benda yg sama tetapi harapkan perkara lain.

Jika PFC kita lemah, berfikir tetapi sebenarnya lebih kepada memori, tidak hairan lah jika kita mendapat benda yg sama setiap hari.. jadi untuk mendapat sesuatu yg lain didlm hidup ini, rajin2 lah sembahyang dgn ikhlas dan khusyuk supaya bahagian otakyg berfikir hidup kembali, memboleh kan kita menjadi lebih melihat masa depan dan dgn kreativiti membenihkan idea2 yg cemerlang untuk membangunkan diri sendiri dan juga membantu umat Islam khususnya dan umat manusia yg lain amnya.

Long Live Friendship!!!!!!!

FROM:Norcahaya Abdullah ;  Message flagged Thursday, May 19, 2011 4:14 PM

After losing his parents, this 3 year old orangutan was so depressed he wouldn't eat and didn't respond to any medical treatments.
The veterinarians thought he would surely die from sadness.
The zoo keepers found an old sick dog on the grounds in the park at the zoo where the orangutan lived and took the dog to the animal treatment center. The dog arrived at the same time the orangutan was there being treated. The 2 lost souls met and have been inseparable ever since.The orangutan found a new reason to live and each always tries his best to be a good companion to his new found friend.
They are together 24 hours a day in all their activities.

They live in Northern California where swimming is their favorite past time,although Roscoe (the orangutan) is a little afraid of the water and needs his friend's help to swim.

Together they have discovered the joy and laughter in life and the value of friendship.

They have found more than a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Long Live Friendship!!!!!!!


FROM:Norcahaya Abdullah TO: Monday, May 23, 2011 4:19 PM

Use pad for more than 3 hours can cause cervical cancer & bacteria infection.


IF u ever wondered what were the ingredients that made popular brands so 'free! and light and carefree', well here's the bit:

The material that makes the pad so paper THIN, is cellulose gel. YEap, it's not even cotton!!!!!!

DO NOT wear the same pad for more than 3 hours of a maximum!!! After this duration, the genital area is prone to bacterial action and may result in cervical cancer or other complications!!!!!!!!!!

SO yes, please pass on this message to as many women as possible and save lives!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a woman and use pads, but especially if you use tampons,
Check the labels of the sanitary pads or tampons that you are going to buy the next time and see whether you spot any of the familiar signs

No wonder so many women in the world suffer from cervical cancer and womb tumors. Have you heard that tampon makers include asbestos in tampons? Why would they do this?

Because asbestos makes you bleed more, if you bleed more, you're going to need to use more. Why isn't this against the law since asbestos is so dangerous? Because the powers that be, in all their wisdom (not), did not consider tampons as being ingested, and, therefore, didn't consider them illegal or dangerous.

This month's Essence magazine has small article about this and they mention two manufacturers of a cotton tampon alternative.
A woman getting her Ph.D. at University of Colorado at Boulder sent the following: 'I am writing this because women are not being informed about the dangers of something most of us use: tampons. I am taking a class this month and I have been learning a lot about biology and women, including much about feminine hygiene. Recently we have learned that tampons are actually dangerous (for other reasons than TSS). I'll tell you this - after learning about this in our class, most of the females wound up feeling angry and upset with the tampon industry, and I for one, am going to do something about it To start, I want to inform
everyone I can, and email is the fastest way that I know how


Tampons contain two things that are potentially harmf ul: Rayon (for absorbency), and dioxin (a chemical used in bleaching the products). The tampon industry is convinced that we, as women, need bleached white products in order to view the product as pure and clean. The problem here is that the dioxin, which is produced in this bleaching process, can lead to very harmful problems for a woman. Dioxin is potentially carcinogenic cancer-associated)and is toxic to the immune and reproductive systems. It has also been linked to endometriosis and lower sperm counts for men. For both sexes, it breaks down the immune system.

Last September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that there really is no set 'acceptable' level of exposure to dioxin given that it is cumulative and slow to disintegrate. The real danger comes from repeated contact Karen Couppert 'Pulling the Plug on the Tampon Industry'). I'd say using about 4-5 tampons a day, five days a month, for 38 menstruating years is 'repeated contact', wouldn't y! ou? Rayon contributes to the danger of tampons and dioxin because it is a highly absorbent substance. Therefore, when fibers from the tampons are left behind in the vagina (as usually occurs), it creates a breeding ground for the dioxin. It also stays in a lot longer than it would with just cotton tampons. This is also the reason why TSS (toxic shock syndrome) occurs.


Using feminine hygiene products that aren't bleached and that are all cotton. Other feminine hygiene products (pads/napkins) contain dioxin as well, but they are not nearly as dangerous since they are not in direct contact with the vagina. The pads/napkins need to stop being bleached, but, obviously, tampons are the most dangerous.

So, what can you do if you can't give up using tampons? Use tampons that are made from 100% cotton, and that are UNBLEACHED. Unfortunately, there are very few compani! es that make these safe tampons. They are usually only found in health food stores.

Countries all over the world ( Sweden , Germany , British Columbia , etc.) have demanded a switch to this safer tampon, while the U.S. has decided to keep us in the dark about it. In 1989, activists in England mounted a campaign against chlorine bleaching. Six weeks and 50,000 letters later, the makers of sanitary products switched to oxygen bleaching (one of the green methods available) (MS magazine, May/June 1995).


Tell people. Everyone. Inform them. We are being manipulated by this industry and the government, let's do something about it! Please write to the companies: Tampax(Tambrands), Playtex, O.B., Kotex. Call the 800 numbers listed on the boxes. Let them know that we demand a safe product



IF u ever wondered what were the ingredients that made popular brands so 'free! and light and carefree', well here's the bit:
The material that makes the pad so paper THIN, is cellulose gel. YEap, it's not even cotton!!!!!!

DO NOT wear the same pad for more than 3 hours of a maximum!!! After this duration, the genital area is prone to bacterial action and may result in cervical cancer or other complications!!!!!!!!!!


SO yes, please pass on this message to as many women as possible and save lives!!!!!!!!!!


1 Women Health Issues - Thrush

Entry from My Mailbox - " BERTUDUNG TAPI BOGEL."

Ingin aku berkongsi bersama kalian, kiriman daripada sahabat 'mail' yang tidak pernah sunyi dengan rencah-rencah informasi duniawi..

From: Norcahaya Abdullah
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 4:34 PM
Subject: Fw: Bertudung ke....?


Bertudung Tapi Bogel
Menoleh sekitar 20 tahun yang lalu, perihal wanita mendedahkan rambut bukan suatu pemandangan luar biasa. Malahan pada ketika itu jarang kelihatan wanita menutup kepala, kecuali untuk majlis dan upacara tertentu.

Ketika itu wanita yang bertudung, kebanyakkannya adalah golongan tua, itu pun rambut yang ditutup tidak ‘rapus’. Pendek kata wanita yang bertudung, apatah lagi jika terdiri daripada golongan muda akan dianggap janggal.

Senario tersebut sudah berlalu dan keadaan sekarang sudah berubah. Sama ada di pejabat, apatah lagi di institusi pengajian, dan di majlis-majlis, rata-rata wanita Melayu akan memakai tudung. Mereka akan berasa janggal dan terasing jika tidak bertudung.

Di kedai, pusat membeli belah, di lapangan terbang dan di mana sahaja, kebanyakkan wanita Islam telah menutup kepala mereka.

Tidak kira tua, muda, anak dara atau janda, pekerja biasa, pegawai tinggi, suri rumah tangga, rata-rata sudah menutup kepala kerana masing-masing terasa tidak selesa untuk menayangkan rambut.

Zaman berlalu, masa berganti, dan sistem nilai pun sudah berubah. Dulu yang bertudung dianggap janggal, kini yang menayangkan rambut pula akan dianggap janggal, apatah lagi bila berada di majlis-majlis tertentu. (Tidak tahulah kalau masih ada yang tidak berasa janggal).

Bagi setengah pendapat, kecenderungan memakai tudung ada kaitan dengan kesedaran beragama. Rambut adalah sebahagian daripada aurat wanita. Ini bererti kepala wajib ditutup dan tidak didedahkan untuk tontonan umum.

Kalaulah kecenderungan itu disebabkan kesedaran beragama, syukur Alhamdulillah. Tetapi mungkin juga ada sebahagiannya disebabkan yang lain. Umpamanya takut terasa janggal, terikut-ikut dengan trend berpakaian, hanya sebagai fesyen dan sebagainya.

Cuba perhatikan, ada yang bertudung sehingga tidak nampak walau sehelai rambut, tetapi dalam waktu yang sama memakai kain belah, yang setiap kali melangkah akan menampakkan betis dan pangkal paha yang putih melepak. Ada pula yang bertudung lengkap tetapi mendedahkan sebelah atas dada, dan memakai skirt. Kalau boleh disamakan, ada lelaki yang bertopi haji tetapi memakai seluar pendek. Ini sesuatu yang agak ganjil, atas ditutup, bawah didedah.

Bagi setengah wanita, memakai tudung bukan kerana tuntutan agama. Mungkin ada yang cuma ingin mengambil hati, mungkin ia kerana suatu peraturan dan mungkin ada yang ikut-ikutan. Waktu ke pejabat semua memakai tudung, ke sekolah pun begitu juga, tetapi bila berjalan-jalan membeli belah tudung entah kemana.

Pada hal Islam telah menggariskan pakaian yang wajib dipakai oleh setiap muslimah. sebagaimana yang ditetapkan oleh al-Qur’an dan hadis-hadis Nabi Sallallahu alaihi wasallam, iaitu:

  1. Hendaklah menutup seluruh anggota badan, termasuk kepala, rambut, leher, lengan, melainkan muka dan  dua tapak tangan sehingga dua pergelangan tangan.
  2. Pakaian itu tebal, tidak menampakkan warna kulit yang dapat dilihat dari celah-celah sulaman benang pakaian itu.
  3. Pakaian itu luas, tidak sempit, dan tidak ketat sehingga boleh menampakkan bentuk susuk badan.
  4. Pakaian itu tidak menyerupai atau seakan-akan pakaian lelaki.
  5. Pakaian itu tidak berbau harum atau wangi kerana ia boleh menarik perhatian orang.
Kewajipan menutup aurat itu berdasarkan kepada dalil al-Qur’an dan Hadis. Di antaranya firman Allah:

'Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka (daripada memandang yang haram) dan memelihara kehormatan mereka dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka dan janganlah mereka memperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka melainkan kepada suami mereka atau bapa mereka atau bapa mertua mereka atau anak-anak mereka atau anak-anak tiri mereka atau saudara-saudara mereka atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang lelaki atau anak bagi saudara-saudara mereka yang perempuan atau perempuan-perempuan Islam atau hamba-hamba mereka atau orang gaji dari orang-orang lelaki yang telah tua dan tidak berkeinginan kepada perempuan atau kanak-kanak yang belum mengerti lagi tentang aurat perempuan dan janganlah mereka menghentakkan kaki untuk diketahui orang akan apa yang tersembunyi daripada perhiasan mereka dan bertaubatlah kamu sekalian kepada Allah wahai orang-orang yang beriman supaya kamu berjaya.”
(Surah Al-Ahzab : 59)

Oleh yang demikian, sebagai menyahut titah perintah Allah, isu bertudung khususnya menutup aurat janganlah ia dipandang sebagai perkara remeh. Ia adalah perkara wajib. Mentaati perkara wajib adalah perkara besar, walaupun ia dipandang remah oleh sebahagian manusia.

                                                          (sumber : selatanonline)

Sebagai buat iktibar diri ini juga.
Semoga tidak menjadi manusia yang JAHIL selamanya...


Berita yang diterima semalam,walaupun tarikh suratya 23hb Mei 2011,



Agak mengecewakan,..
Apakah/Adakah motif bagi arahan ini telah diperjelaskan dan diberi pertimbangan wajar??

Sedangkan kekosongan perkhidmatan pegawai disemua jabatan masih lagi dibelenggu dengan masalah kekurangan kakitangan..?

seperti biasa kita hanyalah ..symp.

cuma kekadang kekaburan itu membuatkan kejelasan tidak sampai..

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sedetik teringat..

Sukar sekali hendak memadam kenangan pahit dari benak pemikiran.
Walaupun sudah lama ingatan perkara tersebut dibenamkan disetiap lubuk dan dasar hitam,namun kekadang kehitaman dasar itu masih mampu muncul bias cahaya ingatan yang sukar untuk ditepis.

Ada kala,bisikan syaitan mengoda untuk terus alpa dengan buaian ingatan songsang dan "gampang" itu..walaupun bahasanya agak kasar tapi sememangnya kata-kata itu saja yang layak untuk menggambarkan bias ingatan tersebut...

Semoga aluan indah zikir Munajat yang dipanjatkan kepadaNYA, mampu melumpuhkan /mematahkan hasutan jahat syaitan jahannam dan menguatkan keimanan ini,amin.

Usah biarkan diri ini hanyut oleh kesilapan silam,
Alunan Zikir ini dapat memberi ketenangan di dalam hati,

......................nukilan suci nur keinsafan sentiasa terpahat di lubuk hati.


Petikan daripada : Akhbar Berita Minggu ( Ahad, 22 Mei 2011) oleh Noor azmi b Mat Nor.

Kenali Fungsi, ciri asas dan simbol kamera anda..

Perkara asas atau fungsi utama wajib dikenali pada kamera ialah mengetahui peranan ISO (International Standard Organization) atau ASA (American standard Organization).
ISO/ASA adalah ukuran tahap kepekaan atau daya sensitivitinya terhadap cahaya.

Semakin besar angka ISO maka semakin peka ia terhadap cahaya dan bintik-bintik warnanya juga semakin kasar, manakala ISO yang kecil memerlukan banyak cahaya tetapi menghasilkan gambar halus (fine grain) dan tidak pecah apabila gambar dibesarkan (enlarge)

Ciri-ciri Asas - pada kamera Digital kompak,DSLR

Kesesuaian ISO;

ISO 100-200 : Untuk cahaya sangat cerah,pemandangan,warna akan lebih padat dan timbul, sesuai untuk gambar studio,selalunya apabila gambar dibesarkan tidak nampak kesan pecah (grainy) atau (noise).

ISO 400 ; Sesuai untuk rakam gambar waktu pagi,petang dan ketika cuaca mendung. Merakam suasana di dalam bilik tanpa cahaya, mengambil gambar sukan dengan penggunaan kelajuan pengatup yang tinggi. Merakam suasanan matahari jauh.

ISO 800; Sesuai ketika cahaya gelap, sesuai untuk objek yang bergerak pantas contohnya mengambil gambar perlawanan bola di stadium, pementasan drama atau teater. ASA begini tidak sesuai menggunakan lampu denyar.

ISO 1600; Sesuai untuk merakam gambar pada waktu malam dengan keadaan cahaya yang amat lemah. Juga sesuai untuk mengambil di stadium atau konsert.

AUTO ISO; Set ini bila digunakan kamera akan menentukan ISO sendiri secara automatik bergantung keadaan cahaya sekeliling.

Antara gambar yang saya ambil - berbeza angka ISO

ISO 400;F/5.6

ISO 1600;F/5.6

Info from youtube lesson;

Nikon D3100 tutorial
In this episode Mark talks about the basics of exposure. Learn how the Aperture

for today....to be continue..


Salam & Selamat Pagi,

Bingkisan pada pagi hari ini,saya hendak berkongsi tentang HOBI terbaru ku dan suami.
Hampir setiap malam bertandang ke rumah mak gara-gara nak bermain dengan hobi baru ini,. sebenarnya  semenjak keluarga mertua beli set table tennis tersebut,dah jadi satu ketagihan pula bagi kami. Puas hati main walaupun masih amatur,legun satu badan dengan peluh,badan pun rasa ringan saja.

Info hendak meningkatkan kemahiran bermain perlu dituntut dan dipraktis kemudian,bukan hentam keramuk sahaja.kita kongsi maklumat ini untuk membaiki kemahiran diri.

A coaching lesson from Ping Skills showing how to play a forehand counterhit in

Learn how to keep the ball low in Table Tennis

10 serves

Wah,memang menguji daya ketahanan fizikal dan mental permainan ini..

Monday, 23 May 2011


Pernah saya terbaca tentang perkara berikut...Lumrah kehidupan manusia akan tiba 5 perkara ini..

saat Sihat sebelum tibanya Sakit,
saat lapang sebelum sibuk...
saat Kaya sebelum datangnya Kemiskinan,
saat Muda sebelum tibanya Tua
Saat hidup sebelum tibanya Ajal Maut (Kematian)

SAKIT, sakit....semoga dapat meringan dosa-dosa lampau...
lumrah bila sakit,bibir ini tak lekang menyebut namaNYA...tidak lekang mengucap kata-kata keinsafan....

BUASIR.. satu penyakit yang masih belum pulih,masih terjuntai didubur cuma tidak seperti sebelumnya..MEMBENGKAK...azab sekali.,ini baru azab kecil di duniakan..
info yang menambah pengetahuan tentang derita sakit ini...


baru-baru ini mak menyarankan satu petua untuk diamalkan bagi mengatasi masalah saya ini..
Katanya.." ambil pisang nangka dan bakar,amalkan memakan" ..

Malah sudah banyak petua yang telah saya praktikan antaranya seperti :
  1. dengan mengambil sebiji kelapa gading yang kecil berwarna kuning, bakar atau panaskan hujungnya. Kemudian tekapkan pada bahagian yang sakit. Lakukan berulang kali sehingga berasa selesa.
  2. Rebus buah/putik delima dan minum air rebusannya.
  3. minum air jus manggis

Perubatan moden tidaklah diketepikan,berbagai jenis ubat dipasaran yang disarankan doktor serta krim-krim sapu.
namun yang penting untuk ingat diri ini dan semua, setiap kali solat,panjatkan  doa kepadaNya

agar disembuhkan segala penyakit.


Setelah 7 bulan - dari awal suami mengadu sakit dan kerap keluar masuk wad
Tanggal 9, 2010 barulah penyakitnya dikesan...
Simpton-simpton awal telah ketara tapi mengapa begitu lama ianya dapat DIKESAN????

Bukan niat menyalahkan sesiapa,
apatah lagi menidakkan TAKDIR...
kami anggap semuanya itu adalah DUGAAN & KIFARAH buat kami....
cuma kekadang ada masa kami hanyut dengan bisikan SYAITAN yang ingin merosakkan ksudahan baik niat kami...tapi alhamdulillah,.berkat doa ibubapa dan kalian serta doa kami agar sentiasa tabah dan mengingatiNYA tidak pernah pudar...

Kami sentiasa berusaha untuk yang terbaik dan bertawakal kepadaNYA..

....setiap hari ubat inilah menjadi ruji menunya..

p/s :  "setiap detik selagi aku masih bernafas di dunia ini,ku panjatkan doa kepada Ilahi semoga suami tercinta dilimpahi kesihatan yang baik dan dapat menjalani kehidupan sempurna yang Kau redhai..,amin ya rabbul 'alamin."

IUI Procedure PART-2

"...jangan benarkan diri kamu diperbodohkan oleh mereka yang pandai..." pesanan seorang doktor pakar kepadaku semasa mendapatkan rawatan buat suami tercinta...

search and learn as much as you can....

IUI Procedure
Timing of IUI
(18hb May 2011 - 25hb May 2011) ----> 28hb May 2011

Timing is more important for IUI than it is for intercourse. The reason is that, during intercourse, sperm travels through the cervical canal. There are glands and mucous in the cervix that sustains the sperm and acts as a reservoir that releases sperm into the uterus slowly over several days.

During an intrauterine insemination, the sperm are released into the uterus. The sperm do not remain viable for as long a period of time. Consequently, the sperm must be inseminated close to the time of ovulation.

One method to time an IUI is with an ovulation predictor kit. The kit measure a woman's LH surge. The surge peaks about 12-24 hours before the egg is released. A woman will test her urin in the morning. If the test is positive, she whould have the intrauterine insemination the next day.

Another method for timing an insemination is to artificially trigger ovulation. A medication called hCG can be injected by a woman when ultrasound determines that the egg or eggs developing in her ovaries are mature enough to be released. Ovulation will occur approximately 36 hours later. The hCG trigger injection is given in the evening and the IUI can be performed two morning later.

Sperm collection for IUI

It is not necessary to abstain from intercourse before doing an IUI. Sperm counts vary in all men. The frequency of ejaculation does not have any consistent effect on sperm numbers. sometimes there will be more sperm on a second or third ejaculate and sometimes there will be less sperm.

Our recommendation is to have intercourse on the day that an ovulation kit turns positive or on the day that an hCG trigger injection is given. The IUI is then timed as indicated above.

The semen sample is collected through ejaculation into a sterile collection cup that we provide in the office. The specimen is usually collected in the office in a specially designated private room. The man's partner may be in the room to help him collect. On occasion, a man will for various reasons, be unable to collect a sperm specimen in the office. In those situations, we will let him collect at home and bring the sepcimen in. It is important to get the specimen to the office within a half hour or so and it should be kept warm. It is also possible to use a specialized nontoxic collection condom. Important! Ordinary condoms cannot be used for IUI.

We will schedule the male for collection approximately one hour before we schedule the woman for the IUI. This allows time for the sperm to liquefy in our incubator and time for preparation for the IUI.

Sperm wash for IUI

Before sperm can be placed into a woman's uterus, it must first be prepared. When a man ejaculates, the fluid that is emitted is composed of two main components: seminal fluid and sperm. Seminal fluid contains many types of hormones and chemicals. One group of chemicals in particular can cause problems and are known as prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins are responsible for many bodily functions. If high levels of certain types of prostaglandins are placed directly into the uterus, they can cause a woman to become very sick. The symptoms of prostaglandin absorption during intrauterine insemination - IUI, are nausea and vomiting, fever, diarrhea and cramping. The symptoms usually begin within a few minutes of performing the IUI.

Preparation for an IUI involves separation of the sperm from the seminal fluid and is known as a sperm wash. Sperm was for IUI is actually a bad term because the sperm are not actually being washed or cleaned.

There are several methods for performing a sperm wash for an intrauterine insemination. The medical literature does not clearly indicate that any method is any better than any other. It is therefore up to the personal preference of the physician performing the IUI.

Once the semen is collected it must sit for a while to allow it to liquefy. The consistency of the semen will still be thick at this point. Next the semen is mixed with a chemical solution called sperm wash media. This solution is specially designed to not harm sperm. The semen and the media are thoroughly mixed.

Next, the semen and media mixture is placed into an instrument called a centrifuge. The centrifuge will rapidly spin the test tube containing the mixture. This causes the sperm to settle at the bottom in a small pellet. The fluid above the pellet contains the seminal fluid and can be poured out.

Finally, the sperm pellet is dissolved by adding some fresh sperm wash media and mixing thoroughly. The specimen is now ready for insemination.

IUI Procedure

When the woman arrives at the office, she is taken to a procedure room and she undresses from the waist down. She will lie down on an examination table and cover herself with a drape sheet. She will place her legs in stirrups and a speculum is inserted into the vagina. This is the same process she would go through if she were having a pap smear.

The physician draws the washed sperm specimen into a catheter attached to a syringe. The catheter tip is threaded through the vagina and cervix and into the uterus. The plunger on the syringe is pressed and this causes the sperm specimen to flow through the catheter into the uterus. The catheter is then withdrawn and the speculum removed. The patients removes her legs from the stirrups and relaxes for about 5 minutes.

After the intrauterine insemination is completed, the patient can get dressed and resume any activities that she likes for the rest of that day. There is no advantage to bed rest in the IUI procedure.

Difficult IUI Procedures

Sometimes, it will be difficult to pass the IUI catheter all the way into the uterus. There are several ways that this problem can be dealt with.

First, there are IUI catheters that contain a flexible wire inside. This wire allows the physician to bend the catheter into a shape that will follow the path if the cervix more easily. It also gives a little bit more rigidity to the catheter which is normally very soft and floppy. Often this is all that will be needed to allow the IUI catheter into the uterus.

In other cases, an instrument called a tenaculum can be used to grab a hold of the cervix. The physician performing the insemination can tug on the cervix and thus straighten the angle between the cervix and uterus. This will also make it easier to pass the IUI catheter. Having the patient fill her bladder before the procedure can also help straighten the angle.

Finally, ultrasound can be used to help the physician guide the catheter into the uterine cavity.

Usually, an IUI does not cause much discomfort for a woman. Most women say that it is about the same as having a pap smear. There can be some cramping afterward, but most of what is felt is probably due to ovulation rather than from the IUI itself.

Instructions for after the IUI

As indicated above, there is little that a woman might do after an IUI tjhat will influence the chance for acheiving pregnancy. She can return to work or exercise if she likes.

It is o.k. for a couple to have intercourse at any point after an IUI is performed. In fact, for men who have very low sperm counts, having intercourse in addition to the IUI will increase the total amount of sperm in the uterus and may imporve the chance for pregnancy.

It is possible that woman may feel some fluid leaking out of the vagina after an IUI. Sometimes some of the fluid inseminated into the uterus will leak back out through the cervix. This is called reflux. Reflux may also occur because the uterus can contract a little bit causing some of the fluid inside to get squeezed out. In most cases, there will still be plenty of sperm that stayed in the uterus to produce pregnancy. Again, lying down will not make a difference and is not necessary.

IUI Success

There are many factors that determine how successful an IUI procedure will be. Some of these are the same factors that apply to any fertility treatment: age of the female, ovarian function, fallopian tube blockage, pelvic adhesions and other additional causes of infertility, whether fertility medications were also used etc.

One important factor that is specific to intrauterine insemination is the amount of motile sperm that is inserted into the uterus. Several studies have indicated that if a man has a low number of progressively motile sperm after the sperm wash, that the chance for pregnancy is lowered. The lower the number, the lower the chances for pregnancy.

If a man has a high percentage of abnormal appearing sperm on a semen test, that will also lower the chances for success.

Timing of the intrauterine insemination is also very important. In order to maximize the chance for pregnancy, sperm must be inseminated on the same day as ovulation. Performing the IUI the day before or day after will lower the chance for IUI success. This is an important point, it is not acceptable for a provider of intrauterine inseminations to tell a patient who is ovulating on a Sunday, that she must wait until Monday when the office is open. This will severely compromise the chances for success.

On the other hand, there does not seem to be any advantage to performing an intrauterine insemination twice. Several well done studies comparing the pregnancy rates between couples having a single insemination to those having two inseminations have found no significant difference in the pregnancy rates.

Additional information about IUI IUI for unexplained infertility


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bingkisan Mutiara Part 2


Hidup manusia jangan percuma
Buat jasa budi utama;
Lamun baiknya orang terima,
Sebutan Kekal selama-lama.

( Za'aba dlm.Pengasuh,1 Nov 1921)

Berfikir sebelum berkata; berunding sebelum dibuat

(Bidalan Melayu)


Sesiapa yang menunjukkan kebaikan maka ia akan mendapat pahala
yang sama seperti orang yang melakukannya.

(hadith Riwayat Muslim)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bingkisan Mutiara..


Hidup kayu berbuah,
Hidup manusia biar berfaedah.
                                                                                                                       ( Bidalan Melayu )


Orang yang ikhlas tidak akan terpedaya oleh pujian dan tidak akan tergugat oleh kecaman
                                                                                                                        ( Imam Ghazali )


Kain rabak tegal dek lenggang awak;
baju robik tegal dek lenggok awak;
kupiah pesuk tegal dek lonjakan awak;
                                                                                                                     ( Perbilangan Melayu )

Al-Kisah pokok Mulberi..

14hb Feb.2011,
Saya ikur serta pegawai-pegawai Unit Hortikultur membuat pemantauan di kawasan perkhidmatan saya iaitu di Janda Baik.
Rumah Amal Darul AzZahrah adalah merupakan tempat projek kami,dimana peruntukan dari unit Putrajaya telah disalurkan untuk menjalankan amalan perladangan organik.

Perkara yang hendak diceritakan ini, bukanlah mengenai kawasan projek ataupun kecenderungan peserta kami itu..sebaliknya disebalik keseriusan tersebut tercalit peristiwa lucu dan memalukan yang tidak mungkin saya lupakan.

Sepanjang saya membuat pemantauan disini,saya boleh tidak perasan akan satu tanaman tersebut..seakan-akan pokok nunga raya pada anggapan awal saya..Kebetulan saya bertanyakan peserta di hadapan ketua Timbalan Pengarah Hortikultur,lantas di tegurnya kerana selaku seorang pegawai pertanian boleh membuat kesilapan bodoh,iaitu tidak mengenal spesis pokok...

Alang kepalang malu,dan saya akui kelemahan diri yang tidak mengenali  spesis tanaman itu...
kerana itu, saya telah meminta daripada peserta untuk mendapatkan keratan pokok tersebut untuk ditanam.

Keratan tersebut saya tanam di perkarangan rumah mertuaku. Alhamdulillah,ianya tumbuh subur dan telah mula mengeluarkan hasil pertama (17hb Mei 2011).Cuma oleh kerana ibu mertua belum mengenal rupa buah mulberi itu,kewujudannya hanya dibiar begitu sahaja dipokok,sehinggalah pada malam hari wesak baru ini, saya menunjukkan rupa buah tersebut melalui paparan BB saya.
Nama Tempatan   : Mulberi

Nama Saintifik      : Morus L.
Nama Lain            : Kertau, mulberi,toot(parsi),shahtoot,
Famili                   : Moraceae
Lokasi dijumpai    : Tumbuhan di Melur.com
Asal                     : Amerika utara


Mulberi merupakan tumbuhan yang mempunyai banyak kegunaanya.Ia merupakan sejenis pokok kecil dengan ketinggian antara 1 hingg 6 meter.Tergolong dalam genus Morus , terdapat pelbagai jenis mulberi antaranya mulberi hitam (morus nigra), mulberi putih (morus alba), mulberi merah (morus rubra) dan pelbagai jenis lagi.Buahnya yang masih muda agak bergetah dan elakkan dari dimakan kerana walaupun tidak kuat, ia masih mempunyai ciri halusigenik(seperti buah-buah mudah yang lain contohnya buah mangga).Buah yang masak tidak lagi bergetah dan tidak lagi mengandungi ciri halusigenik.

Mulberi boleh membiak melalui dua cara pembiakan utama iaitu biji benih dan keratan batang.Walaupun kaedah keratan batang lebih mudah menghasilkan anak benih berbanding biji benih, anak pokok yang dihasilkan dengan biji benih lebih sihat dan cantik bentuknya berbanding dangan pembiakan melalui keratan batang.

Buah mulberi yang manis dan isinya yang lembut berair apabila masak sangat sesuai dipelbagaikan ke dalam masakan seperti pai, tat, kek dan juga dijadikan jus. Ia juga boleh dimakan begitu sahaja kerana rasanya yang manis dan lazat itu.Mulberi hitam mempunyai rasa dan bau yang paling kuat sekali menyebabkan ia digunakan secara komersial untuk menghasilkan perisa dan pewarna berasaskan mulberi.

Daun mulberi, terutamanya mulberi putih, yang juga dikenali sebagai daun kertau merupakan sumber makanan utama kepada ulat sutera dalam industri pembuatan sutera.

Daun mulberi yang tua boleh dijadikan teh dan berkhasiat untuk menurunkan tekanan darah tinggi.Selain itu ia juga mampu mengurangkan sakit-sakit otot terutamanya pada lutut

Dalam tempoh yang sangat singkat tanaman ini telah mengeluarkan hasil iaitu dari bulan Feb. -Mei (4 bulan).
Walaupun terdapat banyak maklumat yang diperolehi melalui internet,kami belum lagi mencuba merasanya,mungkin peringkat bebuah kelak setelah terdapat banyak sekali keistimewaan pokok renek ini.

IUI Procedure PART-1

Adakah saat indah ini yang ditunggu-tunggu?

"Kadar kesuburan di Malaysia menurun berbanding 1990-an. Masalah ketidaksuburan itu menjejaskan antara 10 hingga 15 peratus pasangan di Malaysia"
(Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai)

"Kadar kesuburan di Malaysia adalah 2.6 bayi untuk sepasang suami isteri pada 2007 iaitu penurunan daripada kira-kira 3.6 bayi untuk satu pasangan pada 1990"

(Laporan Tabung Pendidikan Kanak-kanak Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (Unicef))

"20% pasangan yang mendapatkan rawatan kesuburan tidak merancang hubungan kelamin pada masa-masa yang tepat disebabkan kurangnya pengetahuan tentang kesuburan"

(American Infertility Association( AIA))

"Dianggarkan bahawa 4.5 juta pasangan di US mengalami masalah ketidaksuburan setiap tahun. Kurang dari 2 juta daripada pasangan-pasangan ini yang mendapatkan bantuan khidmat nasihat dan rawatan kesuburan dari mana-mana pusat rawatan kesihatan. Ia adalah kurang dari separuh.
Dari jumlah tersebut, 90% daripada mereka dapat dikenalpasti masalah-masalah yang dialami melalui diagnosis yang dijalankan oleh pakar-pakar dalam bidang fertiliti."

(National Center for Health Statistics(NCHS), US)

Bagi para isteri/suami yang menghadapi masalah kesuburan, jalinan hubungan dan dorongan bersama adalah mustahak.
Terdapat pelbagai usaha yang boleh diambil kira, anda boleh memilih untuk mengambil ubat kesuburan (fertility drugs) atau mencuba secara semulajadi tetapi dengan panduan kiraan masa yang betul ketika bersama seperti nasihat doktor.
Jika masih gagal, terdapat kaedah perubatan moden yang boleh diikhtiarkan..

IUI (Intrauterine insemination).

Apa kah Kaedah IUI?

IUI is a fertility treatment that uses a catheter to place a number of washed sperm directly into the uterus. The goal of IUI is to increase the number of sperm that reach the fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chance of fertilization.

  Although IUI still requires the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg on its own, it is important to make sure that the sperm is healthy and mobile. IUI provides the sperm an advantage by giving it a head start, but it still has to seek out the egg on its own.

They said that IUI is a painless procedure but actually it depends on individual. For me, it hurts so much that I swore not to do it again after the 2nd attempt. Lucky enough, I got pregnant after the 2nd attempt.

The IUI procedure is simple and may be performed even if the woman is not receiving medication to improve her egg production. Many physicians will encourage women to take medications to stimulate the ovaries in order to increase egg production and, hopefully, the chance of achieving pregnancy.

An ultrasound will be used to monitor the size of the follicles (follicles develop into eggs). The hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), is administered to stimulate the release of eggs from the follicles within 34-40 hours.

To help rupture the eggs (release it from the follicles), you need to be injected with the hcG dose.

There are 2 types of ultrasounds for women – abdominal and pelvic. Abdominal scan is usually done to monitor baby in the womb. In our case, pelvic or vaginal scan is carried out. You must empty your bladder before the ultrasound procedure (the nurse will inform this to the first timer).

During ultrasound, the nurse will ask you to take off your pant and panty. And, climbed to lay down on a special chair with both legs rested on the purple foot rest. Your legs will be wide open and covered with a white sheet.

The doctor then put a little blue gel on the ultrasound tranducer which is protected with a protective cover (looked like condom to me). Then she will probe the tranducer inside your vagina.

The ultrasound image is immediately visible on a nearby screen that looks much like a computer or television monitor.

The doctor will move the tranducer to the left and right to see the size of eggs in both your ovaries. Sometimes the movement hurt but not much.

And, you can actually see your eggs in the monitor! The doctor will record the size of each egg and determine its maturity. Sometimes the doctor can see an ovarian cyst (if any) during the ultrasound.

A semen sample will be processed by the lab in order to separate the semen from the seminal fluid. A catheter is used to inject the processed sperm directly into the uterus. This process maximizes the number of sperm cells that are placed in the uterus and thus increases the possibility of conception.

The IUI procedure is short and involves minimal discomfort. The next step is to watch for signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Before the IUI procedure, your husband need to produce his sperms in a small container with your name on it.

If the husband think it’s hard to do it alone by masturbating, you can actually get into the room with him. You know how to help him, right?

The sperms will then be washed in the lab to separate unwanted residues from the active sperms. Only the washed sperms will be inserted into your womb during IUI procedure.

How successful is IUI?

Younger women usually have higher rates of success compared to women over age 35, but the average success rate for IUI ranges from 10-20% in one cycle. With IUI, as with other methods of artificial insemination, the success is dependent on the health of the sperm and the woman’s body.

The success rate varies. A friend got pregnant after 4th attempt while another one never succeed. So, please don’t give up!

source :  http://littlemamadiary.com/lppkn-iui-procedure/

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Bertamu Di hati

Salam dihulur tanda persaudaraan..

Melayari dan mengikuti blog sangat memberi kepuasan dihati..
Betullah,membaca itu lebih baik dari banyak bercakap...lebih-lebih lagi bercakap dengan tanpa isi (berfaedah)

اقْرَأْ...Bacalah, dalam AlQuran pun dah dititik beratkan.
makanya tunggu diamalkan saja...

Hendak juga saya menyentuh tentang pertuturan bahasa Melayu...
sewaktu meyaksikan Filem Merong Mahawangsa...sungguh indah susun kata & lentok gaya pertuturan..

Walaupun blog saya sebelum ini cukup mengambil remeh penulisan bahasa kita,penggunaan ringkasan bahasa yang mencacatkan bahasa ibunda sahaja..kini timbul tekad baru untuk memertabatkannya..Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa..

Malah blog ini juga tiada tentu judul dan temanya...ini kerana skop kehidupan manusia bukanlah hanya pada satu titik pandangan yang SATU Nokhtahnya adalah pegangan agama semata-mata..maka minda perlu berkembangan  agar luas dan jauh pandangan dan ilmu pengetahuan yang dapat diceduk.

kekadang terbit juga slot yang membawa kepada bisikan keluh kesah dan kemelut dihati penulis..bukan bermaksud membuka pekung didada atau membawa musibah kepada pembaca yang budiman,hanya sekadar coretan yang ingin dikongsi,tidak perlulah diambil endah sebegitu serius,penulis juga ada hati dan perasaan,ruangan sepi ini sahaja mampu memberi kakuatan tika kemelut melanda jiwa.

Tika jiwa bertamu dari hasil ilham yang berligar dibenak fikiran menjadi bait-bait kata yang mampu memadamkan resah..jika dulu pena umpama mata pedang kini dengan peredaran zaman ruangan maya ini mampu mencetus revolusi manusiawi samada ke kancah buruk mahupun kebaikan.Hanya jiwa manusia yang tulus dan murni serta mendapat Petunjuk Ilahi mampu menokah arus gelombang mengganas.

sekian buat tatapan buat ketika ini.

Pepatah Cina:
Betapa bodoh pun seseorang, dia jadi cerdik bila menyalahkan orang;
betapa bijak pun seseorang, dia jadi bodoh dan degil untuk mengakui kesilapannya.

....NOTA HATI....